2019 Legislation

Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan’s 2019 legislative package includes:

Bills Signed into Law:

  • Trust Transfer Gun Control Requirements – AB 1292 - Modernizes current law that oversees the transfer of a firearm housed in an estate or trust, in order to change the existing murky process to a safe and transparent procedure that conforms to current gun control requirements.
  • Smart Justice Fiscal Savings Reforms – AB 1421 - Seeks to establish significant cost savings for our courts and our jail system by prohibiting the flash incarceration of individuals who have served their jail sentences, and are otherwise compliant with the terms of their probation, because they are unable to pay simple court fines or fees.
  • Deadly Food Allergen Handling – AB 1532 - Honoring Natalie Giorgi, a 13-year-old Danville resident (AD16), who passed away when she was exposed to a deadly allergen (peanuts) while at summer camp. This bill requires food servers to have understanding of allergens and cross contamination training as part of the food handler’s card examination. This bill will also add organized camp food handlers to have the same food allergy training that all school food handlers must currently complete. 

Current Bills:

  • Mental Health Diversion Gun Control – AB 1121 - Prohibits any individual who goes through a court-ordered mental health diversion program from possessing firearms while in the program, and requires them to petition a judge to regain the firearms upon successful completion of the program. Status: Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee
  • Removal of CalWORKs Penalties For Higher Education AB 807 – Removes income exclusions which penalize families on CalWORKs for a student’s scholarships, rental assistance, and any transfers of money from on account to another. Additionally, this bill would also exempt any income from work relating to the upcoming Census.  Status: In Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Out-of-State / For-Profit Online College Requirements – AB 1344- Requires that all out-of-state higher education institutions, that enroll students from California, comply with all state accreditation requirements. With nearly 100,000 California students enrolled online at for-profit & out-of-state institutions, this bill would ensure that these students are provided the education that was advertised to them by the online College or University and provides important consumer protections for students.  Status: In Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Human Trafficking Victim Confidentiality Protections – AB 1735 -Strengthens protections for victims of human trafficking by updating and clarifying privacy privileges for human trafficking caseworkers. The changes proposed by AB 1735 updates a law that has remained largely unchanged for the past 15 year and would allow a trafficking victim to obtain assistance from skilled professionals without fear of retribution from their exploiters. Status: In the Assembly For Concurrence
  • Paid Visitation Monitor Screenings – AB 1165 - Currently those who work as court-ordered paid visitation monitors are not required to go through basic background checks before interacting with children. This bill requires them to go through a LiveScan background check and sets which crimes (including past child abuse or sexual crimes) that would disqualify them from working with children. Status: In Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Covered California Extension – AB 1309 - Allows more Californians access to affordable health care by shifting the open enrollment period by two weeks. This bill changes the deadline from January 15th to January 31st and works to mitigate any lapses in coverage by effectuating coverage in February. Status: In Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Small Farm Micro-Irrigation Grant Program – AB 1086 – Helps small farmers and our environment by codifying the State Water Efficiency & Enhancement Program (SWEEP) which issues grants to small farms in order to convert to micro-irrigation systems. Studies show that micro-irrigation decreases water usage on farms by up to 60% and increases crop yields by 90%. Micro-irrigation significantly reduces water consumption in the state and reduces pesticides water-run off that contaminates our state’s drinking water. Status: 2-year bill in Senate Agriculture Committee
  • Illegal Dumping Penalties – AB 1216 - Increases penalties on individuals who illegally dump garbage in non-waste locations. Status: Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee but added and signed into law as part of the 2019-20 Budget.
  • Electrifying and Modernizing Ports – AB 1594 - Ensures that the three largest ports in California install charging stations for electric semi-trucks to assist in California’s goal of relying on 100% clean energy sources by 2045. Status: 2-year bill in Assembly Transportation
  • Iron Horse Trail Transportation Extension – AB 1475 – Streamlines the procurement method for off-highway transportation projects through the use of Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) process. The CM/GC delivery method allows the General Contractor to engage the construction manager early to provide input during the design process. This allows them to work collaboratively to develop the project scope, optimize design, improve quality, and manage cost. Status: Being heard on the Senate Floor


2019-2020 Budget Wins:

  • Brook Street Park$300,000 to replace and update the Brook Street Park in Lafayette to be more focused on children younger than five and with special needs.
  • Dublin Sports Grounds All-Abilities Playground – $1.4 Million for a new 19,000 square foot All-Abilities Playground in Dublin. This new area will include play structures designed to accommodate children of varying abilities, including those with physical and sensory disabilities.  Other improvements to the Dublin Sports Grounds will also include other accessibility improvements along with a new restroom, picnic and BBQ areas.  
  • McCosker Creek Restoration and Public Access Project$4 million for East Bay Regional Park to address the McCosker Creek Restoration and Public Access Project. The project will restore a 2,700 foot culverted section of creek at Sibley Volcanic Rgional Preserve in the upper San Leandro watershed. The current condition of the stream is in tremendous need of restoration. Giant holes have opened up over a series of failing culvert which covers the historic creek. The natural stream is lost; the culverted stream provides no usable habitat. If the culvert system is not repaired, removed, or fails completely, negative effects to special-status species will be significant.
  • Alameda/Contra Costa County Illegal Dumping Pilot Project$750,000 for a one year pilot project to provide an officer in both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties for the purpose of enforcing dumping laws in those counties.