Summer Newsletter


It’s hard to believe that I have been your representative in the State Assembly for just over 6 months now, and it has been the honor of a lifetime to represent our community.  Throughout these past few months I have been very busy. We created our legislative package, held committee hearings, hosted community events, and spent most of my time engaging with my constituents.

Up in Sacramento, we recently reached a substantial deadline in the legislative session, when bills had to leave their house of origin -  I am proud to inform you that ten of the bills I authored have made it onto the State Senate.  They focus on important issues like protecting our environment, our most vulnerable children, gun control, protecting college students, victims of sexual exploitation, and individuals with food allergies, along with prioritizing district issues and transportation projects in AD16.  It was important for me to carry a legislative package that reflected our District’s values, and I am proud I was able to accomplish that.  I look forward to continuing to advocate for these bills as they make their way through the Senate, and hopefully all the way to the Governor’s desk.  

The Governor also recently signed his budget, and I am very proud to see that several projects I advocated for are included.  Our District will be receiving $300k for Lafayette’s Brook Street Park, $1.4 million for Dublin Sports Ground All-Abilities Playground, $4 million for East Bay Regional Park for the McCosker Creek Restoration and Public Access Project, and $750k for a joint pilot project for Contra Costa and Alameda Counties to address illegal dumping.


Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
Assemblymember, 16th District