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AD16 Menopause Town Hall Graphic

Menopause is a significant stage in a woman’s life, yet it’s an issue that’s shrouded in myths and misinformation.

As the Chair of the Select Committee on Reproductive Health, Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan is pushing the state forward by advocating for meaningful workplace reform, comprehensive insurance coverage for treatments, and increased research funding, ensuring that women have access to reliable care. In 2024, Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan introduced AB 2467, which mandates coverage for a diverse range of menopause treatments, including hormone replacement therapy, prescription medications, and alternative therapies. By addressing the financial barriers to care, this bill aims to support women across California through this significant life transition.

For more information on menopause, please visit:

If you are interested in learning more about Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan’s efforts on this issue at the state level, you can watch the informational hearings she has held as the Chair of the Select Committee on Reproductive Health.