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2020 Legislation

2020 legislation

Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan’s 2020 legislative package includes:

Bills Signed into Law:

 2020 Legislation: 

  • Mental Health Diversion Gun Control - AB 1910 - Prohibits individuals who enter a court mental health diversion program from possessing firearms while in the program, if their crime would already qualify them for a gun prohibition.

  • Negligent Pesticide Usage - AB 1919 - Raises the maximum fines and increases enforcement ability for the negligent application of pesticides that result in a overspray or drift of toxins, which brings harm to workers, and surrounding communities.

  • Utility Accountability & Wildfire Prevention Act - AB 2356 - Extends ability to bring action against a Investor Owned Utility for failure of maintenance from only the CPUC to also the Attorney General and County District Attorneys. 

  • County Jail Recidivism Reduction - AB 2483 - Requires County Sheriffs to supply data on the success of their various rehabilitation programing to guide the Legislature on how to invest allocated funds most effectively 

  • Tesla Park Preservation - AB 2551 - Allows for the Department of Parks, if they so choose, to sell the Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area for conservation purposes. 

  • Schools Sales Tax Exemption - AB 2626 - Exempts public schools and their districts from being charged state sales tax -- freeing up budgets and alleviating pressure on teachers to pay out of pocket for classroom supplies.

  • Dog Trainer Safety Requirements - AB 2691 - Provides standards for dog trainers and gives local authorities the ability to enforce those guidelines through fines or business suspensions.

  • Complete Care for Pregnant Persons - AB 2729 - Makes changes to the Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women Program (PEPP) to ensure uninterrupted, whole body, prenatal care for pregnant, low-income individuals. 

  • Winery Tasting Rooms - AB 2752 - Allows California winegrowers to operate two off-site tasting rooms.

  • Hate Fueled Domestic Terrorism - AB 2925 - Creates the ability for a District Attorney to charge a terrorist threat made against a protected class as either a misdemeanor or felony.  

  • Teacher Workforce Housing - AB 3001 - Clarifies existing law to allow public school districts and community college districts the opportunity to use future facility bond measure funds to build affordable housing for teachers.

  • Patient Security - AB 3140 - Protects the confidentiality of patients seeking sexual reproductive health care services from protesters who in attempt to threaten and intimidate patients – videotape  and post video and other identifying information of patients on the internet.

  • Mobile Pollution Levels Monitoring - AB 3211 - Gives authority to Air Quality Management Districts to assess health risks, and measure toxins in the air from indirect sources of pollution such as, distribution centers, depots and warehouses that attract high truck traffic. 

  • Consumer Solar Storage Sell Back - AB 3251 - Would require the California Public Utilities Commission to draft regulations allowing the selling back of individual user generated solar energy to power companies.