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2022 Legislation

2022 Legislation

Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan's 2022 Legislation Includes:

Bills Signed into Law

  • Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Phone Line - AB 988 - The Miles Hall Lifeline Act creates an alternative to 911 for individuals having a mental health crisis by creating an easy three-digit phone number – 988 – for immediate, non-police, response of mental health support, including in-person support from mental health professionals.

  • Reproductive Rights - AB 1242 - Protects patients and providers in California from extradition actions and arrest for providing abortion care that's legal in the state of California. 

  • Elimination of the “Pink Tax” - AB 1287 - Removes price-based gender discrimination, ensuring women's equal access to commercial goods by prohibiting the arbitrary higher pricing of identical products just because of the gender they are marketed to - known as the "Pink Tax.”

  • Reproductive Rights - AB 1666 - Protects patients and providers in California from civil actions and financial retaliation they face for providing abortion care that's legal in the State of California.

  • Nursing Home Inspections  - AB 1907 - Increases efficiency and effectiveness of inspections of nursing homes by aligning state and federal inspection timelines. This will increase the number of inspections to improve safety and quality of life in nursing homes.

  • Utility Ratepayer Protections - AB 2083 - Prohibits the use of ratepayer funds in criminal or civil settlement agreements where a utility has been deemed negligent in starting a fire.

  • Mental Health App Privacy - AB 2089Addresses the predatory harvesting of personal health information from apps that claim to provide care. When Californians are at their most vulnerable point, they must know their information is safe and their health information is private and secure.

  • Terror Symbols - AB 2282 - Current law considers the swastika, the noose and the desecrated cross as symbols of terror, but restricts them at different criminal levels. This bill will equalize the punishments for usage of all three of these symbols, increase fines, and expand the prohibition of these offenses to places of worship, cemeteries, schools, places of employment, and public parks and spaces. 

  • Illegal Dumping - AB 2374 - Increases fines and allows for the suspension of business licenses of individuals and companies who are caught illegally dumping waste and materials.

  • Gender Neutral Language for Death Certificates - AB 2436 - Eliminates discriminatory gendered language requirements on state death certificates, bringing them in line with the same options currently available on birth certificates, driver’s licenses, etc., enabling same gender and nonbinary parents to be correctly identified and respected.

  • Firearm Advertisements - AB 2571 - Restricts firearm manufacturers from marketing their weapons to children and youth.

  • Community Colleges Data Sharing - AB 2627 - Creates efficiencies for communications between various state departments and allows State Community Colleges to reach potential students by providing them data from state departments.

  • Electronic Monitoring - AB 2658 - Allows youth to count time on electronic monitoring toward their sentence, bringing their rights in line with the rights of adult detainees. 

  • Remote Supervision - AB 2754Eliminates outdated and burdensome requirements for face-to-face check-ins for psychological trainees and supervisors and allows for virtual meetings instead.

  • Regional Conservation Investment Strategy Reform - AB 2805 - Makes updates to the Regional Conservation Investment Strategy (RCIS) that will allow for more streamlining of projects and speeding up conservation efforts for state lands throughout the state.

Other 2022 Legislation

  • Education Language Resources  - AB 1838 - Expands the requirements for producing and providing translated school materials to non-english speaking families so that they can understand and engage in the education of their children. Status.

  • Desalination Reports - AB 2016 - Requires a study of the feasibility and impacts of the usage of desalination in California to open the door to a new path to addressing our water crisis. Status.

  • Burn Notification - AB 2070 - In order to reduce fire risk and help coordination of our wildfire protection efforts, this bill will require all electrical utilities to notify local fire districts at least 24 hours before conducting mitigation or planned burns in a high fire risk area during fire season so that local fire districts can be prepared for any necessary fire prevention. Status.

  • Banning Neonicotinoid Pesticides - AB 2146 - Bans the use of certain pesticides harmful to bees on non-agricultural plants - in line with the same requirements of the EU. By regulating their use, this bill will help preserve vulnerable pollinator populations and secure the biodiversity and health of our food system. Status.