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2023 Legislation

Assemblymember Bauer-Kahn's 2023 Legislation Includes:

  • Protections from Micro Plastics - AB 234 - Microscopic plastic particles are unnecessarily added to the makeup, hair care, and perfumes we use every day. AB 234 prohibits the addition of micro plastics, which will reduce water contamination and the protect from exposure to these harmful particulates. Status.

  • Period Apps - AB 254 - Protects sensitive data collected by fertility tracking and sexual health digital services by adding this data to the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act. Status.

  • No Toxic Tents - AB 267 - Protects children and campers by updating outdated fire suppression standards to remove ineffective additions of toxic chemicals to small camping and play tents. Status.

  • No Lies About Abortion Care - AB 315 - Prohibits anyone from using misleading advertising as they target abortion seekers in order to mislead and pressure them into continuing a pregnancy. Status

  • Automated Decision Tools Act - AB 331 - Protects individuals from algorithmic discrimination by requiring developers and users to assess automated decision tools for biases and mitigate accordingly. Status.

  • Abortion Medical Privacy - AB 352 - Basic reproductive rights are being criminalized across the country and patients seeking abortion are increasingly coming to California seeking care. However, when they return home they may be at risk when information on abortion is shared through their digital health charts. AB 352 puts up guardrails on cross-state sharing of medical records to protect abortion patients and providers across the country. Status.

  • Pollinator Protection Regulations - AB 363 - Protects pollinators and human health by ensuring agency regulation of unnecessary non-agricultural uses of toxic neonicotinoid pesticides. Status.

  • Training for Judges on Sexual Assault - AB 419 - AB 419 protects survivors of sexual assault by requiring that court judges receive victim-informed trainings to improve courtroom experience and help ensure the survivor is not traumatized. Status.

  • Water Theft Enforcement - AB 460 - Tackles needed enforcement against water theft and overuse by granting the State Water Resources Control Board authority to act immediately to halt uses of water that harm the environment or violate water rights. Status.

  • Restroom Equity on Jobsites - AB 521 - Makes construction jobs more accessible for women by requiring OSHA to revisit regulations to ensure there are adequate number of restrooms for women on job sites. Status.

  • Camping for All - AB 618 - Reforms the camping reservation system to reduce no-shows and improve public information about availability of campsites to encourage equitable access to campsites. Status.

  • Air Quality Tax Credit - AB 769 - Incentivizes reduction of pollution by providing a tax credit for companies who meaningfully reduce air pollutants. Status.

  • Recidivism Data - AB 862 - Improves information on the success of our recidivism reduction programs by requiring County Sheriffs to report on their implementation and results. Status

  • Flood Plain Restoration Study - AB 923 - Requires the Department of Water Resources to undertake a study to provide increased flood risk reduction and groundwater recharge benefits  by assessing the implementation of flood plain restoration projects. Status.

  • Oversight for Pesticide Treated Seeds - AB 1042The Department of Pesticide Regulation regulates pesticide use on crops, but not on seeds. AB 1042 ends unmitigated and dangerous pesticide exposure by authorizing the Department of Pesticide Regulation to oversee the pesticide treatment of seeds. Status.

  • Eliminating Non-competes - AB 1076 - Protects workers by prohibiting non-compete agreements in an employee’s contract. Status.

  • State Parks Community Access - AB 1150 - Increases parks access by authorizing State Parks to enter into community access agreements with nonprofits and tribes that provide programming for underserved park users. Status.

  • Water Rights - AB 1205 - AB 1205 protects the human right to access clean, affordable water by limiting the ability of private equity firms to buy and exploit water rights for profit. Status.

  • Telehealth for Terminally Ill Patients - AB 1369Currently, terminally ill patients with rare diseases have to go to great lengths to see out-of-state specialists. AB 1369 creates a limited licensure exemption to allow terminally ill patients access to care via telehealth from out-of-state providers. Status.

  • Identification and Intervention for Vulnerable Californians - AB 1499 - AB 1499 creates a grant program for local jurisdictions to create targeted interventions for the vulnerable individuals who are most likely to be system-involved. Status.

  • Probation Reform for Youth - AB 1643 - Increases accessibility of probation for youth by increasing the threshold for eligibility. Status.

  • Title IX Appeal Process Extension - AB 1720 - AB 1720 extends the deadline for a student to appeal a title IX decision to ensure victims get the justice they deserve. Status.