Gavin Newsom's Great Mistake on Tesla

Livermore Indepenent 

We are deeply disappointed by Governor Newsom's veto of AB 1086, a bill that would have created a path to preserve the 3,100-acre Tesla site against the ravages of the off-road vehicles that have decimated the contiguous Carnegie off-road vehicle park for decades.

In explaining his veto, the Governor claimed that he was protecting Tesla “for the benefit of all Californians.” That is exactly the opposite of what he has done. Hikers, bikers and equestrians will never visit Tesla if it becomes an off-road vehicle park. The same goes for parents hoping to introduce their children to the beauty of nature. Spinning tires and loud, revving engines are intimidating to all except the off-roaders themselves.

The Governor talked a good environmental game when he was running for office, but his veto of AB 1086 tells a different story. We trust the vigorous conservation efforts being carried out by Friends of Tesla Park will continue. We support their lobbying in Sacramento and their use of the court system as needed. We expect Assemblywoman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan and Senator Steve Glazer to continue their good fight in legislative chambers.

Tesla is worth saving...“for the benefit of all Californians.”