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Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan’s Equality Bill Package Passes the California Legislature and Heads to Governor

AB 378 eliminates gendered language in reference to constitutional officers and many other state officials. AB 439 adds a nonbinary gender option on death certificates. Their passage coincides with 2021 Pride Month, and are headed to the Governor’s desk

Sacramento, CA – Today AB 378 and AB 439 passed the legislature today with bipartisan support and are now headed to the Governor’s desk.

On the Two-Year Anniversary of Miles Hall’s Death, Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan’s Justice Reform Package Passes the Assembly

AB 624, AB 731, and AB 988 (The Miles Hall Lifeline and Suicide Prevention Act) rethink the way we approach criminal justice in California.

Sacramento, CA – Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan’s (D-Orinda) landmark mental health emergency crisis response legislation, AB 988, The Miles Hall Lifeline and Suicide Prevention Act, passed off the Assembly floor today with a vote of 70-0.